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Time of Leadership


In April of this year I received a visitation and a word that I was not allowed to speak but to a few.   Within that word was a confirmation of what is being released already in the earth much to the chagrin that are opposed the working of Jesus Christ in this earth.

It is without doubt that Christianity has come under intense persecution throughout the world especially in places where Islam holds power.   We see the constant beheading of Christians in Iraq and in Syria by Muslim Jihadists.   We even see workers now in Tulsa Oklahoma the mecca of the Faith Movement where Oral Roberts University is located being behead by a knife wielding assailant shouting Muslim slogans.   In New Jersey we saw on the local news of two Coptic Christians kidnapped and beheaded as well as their hands cut off by an Egyptian Muslim.

In Nigeria we see Christian villages being destroyed and the women or girls kidnapped and sold as sex slaves or made to convert to Islam and to be a wife to a Muslim.

In England a British soldier was brutally murdered with a meat cleaver in the hands of a Muslim who then stopped to explain to someone with a cell phone camera why as a Muslim he had to do it.

In the USA the title Christian is almost looked upon as a foul word with a description of “hatred” attached by those that hate Christianity.  They go out of their way to offend or to take offense in an effort to destroy Christianity in this nation.    Ironically those that claim that Tolerance is needed are most often the ones that seem to have zero tolerance of anything that doesn’t agree with them.

Hatred, anger and intimidation through threats of violence, or lawsuits are designed to minimize and eliminate anything that is remotely associated with Jesus Christ or Christianity.  But Jesus told us that the world would hate us because it hated him first.  Darkness is merely the absence of light and the forces of the dark side are moving heaven and earth to extinguish the light of Christ.


Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows what is coming, what is indeed already afoot.  You would have to be completely incapacitated not to see and understand what is happening.  As this time increases and darkness seems to be gaining a foothold understand that darkness is in itself a shadow or an absence of light and leadership.  But God has already thought of this, already planned for it and already put those in place to deal with the encroachment.

In April of this year I was informed by visitation that Father God would begin to release power and authority to those that He is raising up in leadership for this time.  Those that walk in the administration of leadership like Moses would begin to see the authority and abilities that Moses had manifest in their own lives.   Those that walk in the office of prophet like Elijah would also see an increase in their power and authority in their lives as well.

I shared this visitation with certain individuals within ministry and evangelism and they indeed had already begun to notice the increase within their own ministries.  God is setting up the next level of leaders for what is here and still coming.

Leadership is now needed and it needs to be seen in those of spiritual maturity walking in spiritual authority without pride and without the desire for self promotion.   These leaders are and will be convicted in their hearts and minds of the grace and righteousness of Jesus in their own lives.  They will stand in the coming days and be a force of reckoning just like Moses and Elijah and there are many of them that have been called just for this time and just for this purpose.  The most powerful will be those that know God, love God, have relationship and fellowship with God as stated in the book of Daniel 11:32  And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.  

The above scripture reminds me of the woman that stood in the National Cathedral during the Muslim only prayer and declared that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and the only way to the Father.      Here was a woman in a personal situation of difficulty that God used to bring forth a message that caught national attention.  God called, she Answered!  This is Leadership!

If God has called you out and matured you and given you the ability and the unction of either Moses or Elijah take heart, take hope, take charge and stand tall professing the word of the Lord.  By decreeing through your mouth the word of the Lord you will alter landscapes, atmospheres and powers.   For God told the Israelites in Numbers 14:28  Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the Lord, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you.

Its time for God’s leaders to stand up for the truth and speak the words in the ears of the people and the people to speak the words into the ear of God.  By so doing you will see the move of God like you have never seen before.  This is not the time to shrink back but to stand firm, to lead.


This is the time, the place and the season.   God has set all in order for his people, his sons and daughters to stand in the gap. To declare, to decree and to do so in the proper context to alter the course of not only nations but the atmosphere.    There is no better time than now.  There is no other time than now.  God is releasing his power and his glory in this time and it will build as the days ahead come this way.  If it’s wrong then stand against it.  If it’s right then stand in agreement.    Do all things according to the word of God for he set the times and the seasons.


Remember this; darkness is dispelled by light and the action of light.  Understand your authority to speak out against lies, deceptions, fraud, deceit and the works of the enemy. Declare that light shall penetrate the darkness.  That things done in the dark shall be exposed to the light.  Call for exposure, for justice and for proper judgment.  Command it into the atmosphere and see it happen. Your words have power and what you speak you set in motion, good, bad, or indifferent whether it’ in your personal life, your family and by extension your city and nation.

Remember, God is releasing his power to those He has called for this time.  It has already begun.






Clarifying The Prophecy Club Interview

Clarification of Earthquake Prophecy on The Prophecy Club   11/19/2014

In the early fall of 2011 a number of recognized prophets received warning of a coming massive earthquake and tsunami to hit the NW coast of the United States.   I was one of 4 that I know of that was being shown this event spiritually and we were unaware of what was being shown to each other outside of our own visions and words.  None of us communicated with the other or read the words received of the others.

I personally had received the word earlier in the spring of 2011 and had seen the vison in front of several individuals.  It was a profound vision during a 4 hour visit with an elder brother in the Lord who was well known in many circles throughout the North Western states.

We had been sharing our identical visions of a network and project that had been indelibly imprinted on our hearts for times ahead.   I had received a blueprint and instructions in 2006 that this elderly man had received in the 1970’s.  He was getting up in years and new that the Lord was sending someone to carry on.  This brother passed away shortly after his 82 birthday and our identical visions of our call have not come to fruition as of yet.

In any case it was during our sharing and visiting that I was shown what was to come in the fall of that year. One minute we were talking and getting ready to part ways when while we were standing there I just went somewhere and saw burnt charred stumps around the place where I was in this vision.  I saw trees darkened with soot, the landscape was a charred mess and the fires went on for miles and burned with intensity.  I was even shown on a map where those fires would burn to.

After the vision of a 3 state set of fires I was then shown an upheaval of the NW coast from Northern California clear up to Vancouver Island.  At the time I was unaware that what I saw corresponded with the Juan De Fuca plate and the earthquake geologists were waiting on.  During the vision I witnessed the partial destruction of Seattle Washington and the complete destruction of Portland Oregon.

I also witnessed in this vision the crumbling and turning upside down due to a plate under thrust of biblical proportion.  It was frightening to see it for the ground itself was tossed up in the air and turned upside down.

I saw the death of several hundred thousand people, disruption of everything for miles.  Then following that disturbing sight I saw a coming wall of water, a tsunami of epic proportions that came inland much like what happened with the Japanese earthquake that destroyed a good portion of the Japanese coast.  (I also saw that happen 4 days in advance and was warning of it ahead of time)


Later that summer I was visiting with a friend on a phone call about the vision of the earthquake and fire to hit the NW when he had a call come in that he had to take, it was a missionary friend in Romania so he hung up with me and took the call.

Later my friend called back and asked me if I was sitting down.  His missionary friend was calling to warn him of a massive earthquake and tsunami that was going to hit Washington and Oregon in the same time frame I was shown.  Apparently the whole Romanian congregation was shown it by the Spirit of God in an open vision during a prayer session and it was so alarming and so profound that the Missionary called my friend to warn him to leave the state on a certain series of days to avoid the calamity.

That was confirmation!  Within days of that phone call I received a call from Stan Johnson of the Prophecy Club, I had never met the man or talked with him before and he had to explain to me who he was.   Someone had mentioned me to him and that I had been accurate on everything so far to that time.

In short Stan Johnson wanted me to come on his show and tell what God had shown me.  I declined.  I wasn’t interested in doing a radio or television broadcast on the subject.  Stan insisted and called me back several times.  I finally asked for him to give me three days to pray about it as to whether I was supposed to say anything or not.  At the end of three days I was told to do the show so I did.

As a result of that show and then the later prophecies by two or three other well-known charismatic prophets and ministers it created quite a stir.  On a side note, to my knowledge no one else prophesied of the fires, just the earthquake.

At the significance of several getting the same vision to occur in the same time frame a call for intercessional prayer went out.  One well known intercession ministry went so far as to move their entire ministry from Louisiana to Seattle Washington to intercede for the NW and to try and move God to stop it.

This one ministry alone had over 700 people show up from all over the world for a week of fasting and prayer to stop the earthquake from happening.

In visiting with a couple of other ministry friends we estimated that just in the NW alone there were about four to five thousand people all together gathered in different groups praying against the earthquakes.

In my own conviction I was sure that nothing would stop it from happening and even went so far as to tell the Louisiana ministry they wouldn’t succeed in stopping it.

I believe that due to the outpouring of prayers and intercession the earthquakes didn’t come during the time we were all shown.  As a result we were excoriated as prophets, called false, denigrated, condemned, talk of stoning us was tossed around.  To some we were called deceived, pathetic and the list is long of all the degrading epithets.

I personally had good friends turn their backs on me and shun me for months and others still to this day.  My name became a foul word in the mouths of many that received healing, accurate prophecy, and intervention on their behalf that changed their lives.  How quickly they forgot all of that as they not only ran away but joined in abuse against us.

But they all failed to see one thing.   The earthquakes didn’t come but the fires did and they burned to exactly where the Lord had shown and had been prophesied.

You see, no one had prayed against the fires, probably because I was the only one saying they were coming as well.  I had assumed that the fires were the result of the earthquakes but in fact the fires were a separate occurrence and they were extensive just as shown.

Regardless of anything else the fires proved the word was correct, the vision was accurate but no one wanted to look at that.  They didn’t realize that their prayers had actually turned away the destruction that was coming in the way of earthquake and tsunami; however they failed to pray against the fires because I was the only one proclaiming them.  Four of us had proclaimed the earthquakes, only one had mentioned the fires.

For my own part I was so shocked that the earthquakes didn’t happen that I pulled a Jonah and stepped away from all aspects of ministry.  I had never not had what I saw happen.  I was stunned.  Even though the fires proved the accuracy of the word the earthquakes didn’t happen and to me that was as if I had been betrayed by the Lord himself.

The enemy moved in on me and began to make me doubt myself and then combined with all the condemnation from all corners did a number on me.

I learned a valuable lesson from that.  I had developed some pride in my accuracy.  I had been shown and predicted the Chilean Earthquake and posted a word of it coming in 4 days and that it would shorten the days which NASA confirmed after the earthquake.

I won’t go into all the prophecy of dormant volcanos erupting during specific time frames of just 2 weeks and other events accurately prophesied years and months sometimes days in advance.

It has been a hard walk to come back from that one but lessons were learned, pride was stripped off and slowly but surely self-doubt has been and is being dealt with even on a daily basis.

It has always been my desire to see the Lord lifted up and glorified.  Ironically I had fallen into wanting to be recognized and accepted on a bigger level.

For one thing we need to be thankful for what God has done in our own lives and understand that Judgment is the Lords and not ours to wield as a club against what we may look down upon.

God wants all to be saved, it is not his will that the wicked perish but that they turn from their wicked ways and be saved.  At times things do occur to wake people up, to bring them to a place of recognition of the presence of God and his desire for them to come to him.

God is not running around looking for who he can destroy but quite the opposite he is working to save.

For my part I hope to be forgiven by those that hold me in contempt and I hope to continue to forgive those that have accused and tried to harm us.  I know why and at one time I was of the same mind set.

May God continue to forgive us, have mercy on us and save us.




A Word To The Wise

December 17,2013

I see so much in today’s church and the world that represents symptoms of the latter day prophetic warnings. From the super wise intellectual, to the super wise spiritual both of which seem to have a foot in either bar ditch on each side of the road and missing the path in front of them.

We have those that spout any voice they hear in their head without checking to see if it is of the soul, a familiar spirit, or truly the voice of the Holy Spirit. On the other side we have those that reject everything out of hand and throw the baby out with the bath water.

I get so weary at times of both. I hear the charismatics that embrace anything and everything that moves supernaturally and I have had so many words spoken over us that are meant well but are nothing more than the typical pseudo spiritual junk that comes with the far out mystical without knowing how to try the spirits. I have also had the super analytical/intellectual scripture types that would argue with a fence post on what is and what isn’t allowed spiritually when they are inundated with carnal physical religious knowledge and very little of the spirit of God.

The Nation is fractured and the Church is fractured hence a remnant that is growing for the not to distant future days ahead. Those that can walk in “Faith” with “Trust” having been tried by “Fire” will be the “Elect” that will do “Exploits” in the days to come and indeed have already arrived. I am reminded of Paul’s writing in Corinth.
1Cr 2:7
But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory:

Wisdom in that verse is G4678 and means first off: wisdom, broad and full of intelligence; used of the knowledge of very diverse matters.

This is what gives us that last portion of that scripture; “our” glory. Which in turn is God’s glory as given by Him to us for having His wisdom. This indicates that if we indeed are using His “wisdom” we will have His “knowledge” on very diverse matters and as a result His glory comes forth through us.

Wisdom is not to just jump on anything that pops in your head nor is it wisdom to just accept anything someone says that you may admire when it speaks of mystery. It’s always your position to judge a word or a teaching but without argumentation. The receiver of a word has the ultimate authority to either receive or not. But the responsibility before God also lies upon the giver of the word to make sure it is accurate and in so doing they are above reproach if they have given righteously the word with accuracy.

Let us not be quick to give words that we have not checked diligently in our spirit or we may find ourselves speaking prophetically to the idols in someones heart, building up their pride and their ego rather than speaking what the spirit of God truly wants spoken.

Each of us has a duty to seek God on our own rather than chase the prophetic folks or the prophets. A few years ago I shut our whole ministry down because I had people calling 8 hours a day and then some seeking a word for themselves or their friends rather than seeking God. They were looking more for a psychic rather than a prophet and too many in the prophetic encourage this activity out of a sense of being needed and having power.

I would rather share how I learned to hear and encourage people to seek their own answers to avoid becoming someones party line to God. It is imperative, that each of us learn to see and hear God in a personal way, an intimate way for us to weather what is ahead. This is the only way to walk in power. Like Paul I would that all would prophesy but is everyone a prophet? No. Is everyone an Apostle? No. Is everyone an Evangelist? No. Is everyone a Pastor? No. Is everyone a Teacher? No. But each has a duty, a responsibility and a call on their life to operate somewhere in that mix in some way.

1Cr 2:11
For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.
1Cr 2:12
Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.
1Cr 2:13
Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

Blessings on You!

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