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Time of Leadership


In April of this year I received a visitation and a word that I was not allowed to speak but to a few.   Within that word was a confirmation of what is being released already in the earth much to the chagrin that are opposed the working of Jesus Christ in this earth.

It is without doubt that Christianity has come under intense persecution throughout the world especially in places where Islam holds power.   We see the constant beheading of Christians in Iraq and in Syria by Muslim Jihadists.   We even see workers now in Tulsa Oklahoma the mecca of the Faith Movement where Oral Roberts University is located being behead by a knife wielding assailant shouting Muslim slogans.   In New Jersey we saw on the local news of two Coptic Christians kidnapped and beheaded as well as their hands cut off by an Egyptian Muslim.

In Nigeria we see Christian villages being destroyed and the women or girls kidnapped and sold as sex slaves or made to convert to Islam and to be a wife to a Muslim.

In England a British soldier was brutally murdered with a meat cleaver in the hands of a Muslim who then stopped to explain to someone with a cell phone camera why as a Muslim he had to do it.

In the USA the title Christian is almost looked upon as a foul word with a description of “hatred” attached by those that hate Christianity.  They go out of their way to offend or to take offense in an effort to destroy Christianity in this nation.    Ironically those that claim that Tolerance is needed are most often the ones that seem to have zero tolerance of anything that doesn’t agree with them.

Hatred, anger and intimidation through threats of violence, or lawsuits are designed to minimize and eliminate anything that is remotely associated with Jesus Christ or Christianity.  But Jesus told us that the world would hate us because it hated him first.  Darkness is merely the absence of light and the forces of the dark side are moving heaven and earth to extinguish the light of Christ.


Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows what is coming, what is indeed already afoot.  You would have to be completely incapacitated not to see and understand what is happening.  As this time increases and darkness seems to be gaining a foothold understand that darkness is in itself a shadow or an absence of light and leadership.  But God has already thought of this, already planned for it and already put those in place to deal with the encroachment.

In April of this year I was informed by visitation that Father God would begin to release power and authority to those that He is raising up in leadership for this time.  Those that walk in the administration of leadership like Moses would begin to see the authority and abilities that Moses had manifest in their own lives.   Those that walk in the office of prophet like Elijah would also see an increase in their power and authority in their lives as well.

I shared this visitation with certain individuals within ministry and evangelism and they indeed had already begun to notice the increase within their own ministries.  God is setting up the next level of leaders for what is here and still coming.

Leadership is now needed and it needs to be seen in those of spiritual maturity walking in spiritual authority without pride and without the desire for self promotion.   These leaders are and will be convicted in their hearts and minds of the grace and righteousness of Jesus in their own lives.  They will stand in the coming days and be a force of reckoning just like Moses and Elijah and there are many of them that have been called just for this time and just for this purpose.  The most powerful will be those that know God, love God, have relationship and fellowship with God as stated in the book of Daniel 11:32  And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.  

The above scripture reminds me of the woman that stood in the National Cathedral during the Muslim only prayer and declared that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and the only way to the Father.      Here was a woman in a personal situation of difficulty that God used to bring forth a message that caught national attention.  God called, she Answered!  This is Leadership!

If God has called you out and matured you and given you the ability and the unction of either Moses or Elijah take heart, take hope, take charge and stand tall professing the word of the Lord.  By decreeing through your mouth the word of the Lord you will alter landscapes, atmospheres and powers.   For God told the Israelites in Numbers 14:28  Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the Lord, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you.

Its time for God’s leaders to stand up for the truth and speak the words in the ears of the people and the people to speak the words into the ear of God.  By so doing you will see the move of God like you have never seen before.  This is not the time to shrink back but to stand firm, to lead.


This is the time, the place and the season.   God has set all in order for his people, his sons and daughters to stand in the gap. To declare, to decree and to do so in the proper context to alter the course of not only nations but the atmosphere.    There is no better time than now.  There is no other time than now.  God is releasing his power and his glory in this time and it will build as the days ahead come this way.  If it’s wrong then stand against it.  If it’s right then stand in agreement.    Do all things according to the word of God for he set the times and the seasons.


Remember this; darkness is dispelled by light and the action of light.  Understand your authority to speak out against lies, deceptions, fraud, deceit and the works of the enemy. Declare that light shall penetrate the darkness.  That things done in the dark shall be exposed to the light.  Call for exposure, for justice and for proper judgment.  Command it into the atmosphere and see it happen. Your words have power and what you speak you set in motion, good, bad, or indifferent whether it’ in your personal life, your family and by extension your city and nation.

Remember, God is releasing his power to those He has called for this time.  It has already begun.