About Us

j_JamisonRev Joseph Jamison was conceived through a miracle to a 40 year old mother and a 52 year old father who was medically and physically unable to have children.  They went before the Lord and asked the prayer Hannah did for Samuel.  Within a short time they were pregnant with a son.   Rev Jamison has been an active seer from the time he was very young and walked in the gift of healing from age 5.  Brought up and trained within the Churches of God his gifting’s in the prophetic and healing was frowned upon.   He has a relationship with The Father from the beginning of his life and soon left the religious for the spiritual and embraced the intimacy of God.   His gifting’s in the prophetic are paramount when praying for healing and he has ministered as a prophet to many here in the states and overseas with miracles signs and wonders following.   He has been featured on Prophecy Club radio show.

Rev Jamison and his wife Karen encourage believers to step into their spiritual inheritance and operate as the Acts Church in the gifts and commissions and they divide their time between work and ministry. They are submitted to Shiloh Fellowship in Vancouver Washington working with the pastors and staff there for over 3 years and have been active in ministry throughout the Oregon/Washington area as well as California, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Rev Jamison has been shown in advance such things as the Chilean earthquake, the Japanese earthquake, the eruptions of long dormant volcano’s, hurricane Sandy and other world and political events.