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Dig Your Ditches

Dig Your Ditches

Joseph Jamison March 5, 2014

The first 7 months of this year are an open door to everything you have been given to accomplish.  No matter where you might be in the status of a commission or ministry or business or activity this is the open door to accomplish it.   Start right where you are right now.

Many of us have a seed planted in our hearts or minds toward what we feel we should do, whether it’s a humanitarian project, a Kingdom project, a business, or a goal and we may have put it on hold until we feel we have enough funding, or enough support or enough of this or that before we can do anymore than just think about it.    Start with what you have and move forward with it.   If you haven’t put a plan forth start with that.  If you have a plan and limited funds start there.   Don’t borrow money to start but start with what you have and God will move forward on your behalf.  The longer you put things off for this reason or that reason the less you will get accomplished.

A couple years ago I gave a word to someone about dig your ditches and God will fill them.  It was in reference to the story of Jehoshaphat King of Judah and Jehoram the son Ahab who was King of Israel in an allegiance along with the King of Edom against Moab who had rebelled against paying tribute to Israel after Ahab’s death.  These 3 kings found themselves in a valley with no water for them, their army or their animals.  Jehoshaphat called for a prophet and Elisha came and declared to them that because of Jehoshaphat he would seek the lord for them and their quest.  God told them through the prophet Elisha to “Make this valley full of ditches”.  In the process they neither saw wind nor rain but in the morning the ditches were full of water for the men and beasts.  2 Kings 3:16-18  And God sanctioned their actions against Moab and provided for them even though they would not physically see how it would be done. In fact, God actually used the water in the ditches to look like blood and to draw in the Moabites and make them easy to overcome.

This is the season we are in.  So many of us can’t seem to see how God will help or supply us but if we put our hand to what we have been given and step out even in the smallest way in faith God will meet us there and supply us with what is needed to fulfill what we have been given.

The three main characters in this biblical story are Jehoram, Jehoshaphat, and Elisha.  They are the only characters in this story that are named and these names are very significant in their meanings so lets take a look at how this works out.

The King of Israel. The King of Judah.  The Prophet Elisha.     We need to look at what all these names imply by their order of recognition within the Hebrew story.

Israel:  God Prevails

Jehoram: Jehovah Is Exalted

Judah: Praise or Praised  ( as in God is praised or Praise God)

Jehoshaphat:  Jehovah Has Judged

Elisha: God Is Salvation

In essence we can read these names to imply the following in our own actions:   “God prevails in every situation and when we exalt Him and praise Him and seek Him, He will judge our situation, our circumstances and our requests and be our salvation.”

Remember that the Kings sought out a prophet to “seek” the counsel of the Lord and in doing so they not only got wise counsel and instruction from the Lord they prevailed and God moved on their behalf.  This means we are to seek God personally for we have direct contact with the Lord and no longer need a prophet to hear from or to interact with God as we can come boldly to the Throne of Grace.

So, if God has planted a seed in your heart for ministry, business, Kingdom projects or anything in any way, seek Him on it, praise Him for it, Exalt Him above everything else in your life and he will easily judge and bring you salvation and success in your quest.

This is the time to grab hold of it and see it through.   The first 7 months of this year are crucial in that it is an open door to success if you will push through what may seem like impossibility to success.  Don’t wait for another day, another year or another window, act on what you have been given wisely and diligently and see how God moves on your behalf.

Blessings on you.